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Friday, October 21, 2011


Handy procedure for returning whether a given path exists. 

It simply calls out the extended procedure xp_FileExist.  Normally it would be appropriate to have this in a user-defined function (UDF), but since UDFs in SQL don’t permit calling extended procedures, it is done here in a stored procedure.  You can either check the OUTPUT parameter @Out or check for the return value.  A value of 1 indicates the path exists, a 0 indicates it does not exist.

I call this proc from other code, just to make the code fail-safe.   You never know when someone changes a path or directory structure; much better to be prepared.

USE Admin

CREATE PROC dbo.DoesPathExist
      @Path varchar(800),
      @Out bit = Null OUTPUT
/*    DATE              AUTHOR            REMARKS
      10/21/11          PPaiva            Initial creation.

            Handy proc for returning whether a path exists.  Output    
            parameter @Out returns 1 if it exists, 0 if it does not.

            Check the output parameter:
                  -- This path probably exists
                  DECLARE @Out bit
                  Exec DoesPathExist 'C:\Program Files', @Out OUTPUT   
                  SELECT @Out

                  -- This path doesn't exist
                  DECLARE @Out bit
                  Exec DoesPathExist 'C:\blah', @Out OUTPUT
                  SELECT @Out

            OR, check the return value:
                  -- This path probably exists
                  DECLARE @ReturnVal int
                  Exec @ReturnVal = DoesPathExist 'C:\Program Files'
                  SELECT @ReturnVal

                  -- This path doesn't exist
                  DECLARE @ReturnVal int
                  Exec @ReturnVal = DoesPathExist 'C:\blah'
                  SELECT @ReturnVal



      (FileExists bit,
       DirExists bit,
       ParentDirExists bit

      Exec master.dbo.xp_FileExist @Path

SELECT @Out = DirExists
FROM #FileExist


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