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Monday, October 15, 2012

vwWho3 - a filtered vwWho2

In the last post we created a view that is the contents of sp_who2, plus some other valuable information.

Here we will create vwWho3, which is the same as vwWho2, with a filter to see only active or pertinent spids.

USE Admin

IF object_id('dbo.vwWho3') Is Not Null
      DROP VIEW dbo.vwWho3


CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vwWho3]
/*    DATE            AUTHOR          REMARKS
      10/15/12          PPaiva          Initial creation.
            Same as vwWho2 except this only gets active processes, plus
                  one row from spids between 1 and 50, so that it is easy
                  to show the date/time this instance of SQL Server was
                  last started.

            If spid = -2, it is an orphaned distributed transaction. 
                  This can be terminated with
                        KILL 'Unit Of Work ID (this is a guid)'
            SELECT *
            FROM vwWho3


FROM vwWho2
WHERE Status Not In ('sleeping')
   OR Blocked <> 0
   OR Open_Tran <> 0
   OR spid < 1

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