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Saturday, November 3, 2012

vwWhoActiveSummary - vwWho3 GROUPed BY spid

Sometimes we need to further refine vwWho2 and vwWho3, to get a quick glimpse of server activity. 

Here we will create vwWhoActiveSummary.  It shows a summary of the active spids, GROUPed BY spid.  A new column is introduced, Qty, which is how many rows (threads) SQL Server is dedicating to that spid. 

I use this to see if there are any spids that are using multiple threads.  That can happen for very large or complex queries.

USE Admin

IF object_id('dbo.vwWhoActiveSummary') Is Not Null
      DROP VIEW dbo.vwWhoActiveSummary


CREATE VIEW dbo.vwWhoActiveSummary
/*    DATE        AUTHOR            REMARKS
      11/3/12           PPaiva            Initial creation.

            A summary of the active processes.  Useful for identifying how many
                  threads are dedicated to a given spid.  A large quantity of
                  rows indicates a large query is being serviced.

            SELECT *
            FROM vwWhoActiveSummary

            SELECT *
            FROM vwWho3


            (     SELECT LogiName
                  FROM Admin.dbo.vwWho3
                  WHERE spid = v.spid
                    AND LogiName <> '') LogiName,
            Count(*) Qty,
            Max(WaitTimeMin) WaitTimeMin,
            Max(WaitTimeHr) WaitTimeHr,
            (     SELECT SqlText
                  FROM Admin.dbo.vwWho3
                  WHERE spid = v.spid
                    AND LogiName <> '') SqlText
FROM Admin.dbo.vwWho3 v
WHERE spid <> 1
GROUP BY DB, spid, blocked, HostName, Program, Cmd