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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rename files in a folder using T-SQL (generic)

You have downloaded 50 files into a folder from somewhere like Facebook, and the files have gobbledygook names.  You want to rename the files with a base name + a number.

For example:
25488106_959991_6827072580628_o.jpg  >> FredAndWilma01.jpg
25488256_959951_1851503523073_o.jpg  >> FredAndWilma02.jpg

Here is a code snippet which I keep in a proc.  It simply generates the rename code that can be run from a command window, a batch file, or as I have done below, right here in T-SQL provided that you turn on xp_cmdshell.  For those that are security conscious, you can turn this on temporarily.

Use Admin

IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.cameraFileRenumberGeneric') Is Not Null
       DROP PROC dbo.cameraFileRenumberGeneric
CREATE PROC dbo.cameraFileRenumberGeneric
/*     DATE          AUTHOR        REMARKS
       1/1/17        PPaiva        Initial creation.

              Renumbers camera files with a numeric offset.
              Generates rename code for xp_cmdshell.

              You want to rename all files in a folder with a base name + a number
              Example:      25488106_959951922091_6828033757072580628_o.jpg  >> FredAndWilma01.jpg
                                   25488256_959965365151_1853783911503523073_o.jpg  >> FredAndWilma02.jpg
RETURN -- This is a code snippet, not meant to run

       ID int NOT NULL IDENTITY(1, 1),
       Filename varchar(100)

INSERT INTO #t (Filename)
       exec xp_cmdshell 'dir /b C:\Paul\CoCreativeJourneys\Clients\Past\2017-07-08_FredAndWilma\Images'

WHERE Filename Is Null

SELECT *,              
              'Exec xp_cmdshell ''rename "C:\Paul\CoCreativeJourneys\Clients\Past\2017-07-08_FredAndWilma\Images\'
              + Filename + '" FredAndWilma'
              + dbo.udfPadLeft(ID, 2, '0') + '.jpg'''